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Ice Cream





Our homemade beignets are available until 1 hour before closing (as long as supplies last). 

A full coffee bar is available from open until close. We do European sizes, so the size of the cup will be appropriate for the coffee to milk ratio of your desired drink.  Ask us to explain if this new to you!

Ice Cream and Cones

Picket Fence Creamery ice cream, pie shakes, Cardinal Cordials and more! A yummy treat for all ages.


Made fresh to order, our hearty breakfasts will not dissappoint!

Organic Eggs
Sandwhich Selection

Sandwiches and salads are our specialty.  Fresh made, nothing fried. We are sure you will like what we have to offer!

If pasta or meat and potatoes is your style, we've got options for you. We've pulled together all of our best sellers to top off the day!

Penne Pasta