The Back Story

In the Easley household, Great Aunt Amy's Beignet recipe is synonymous with all things good and wonderful. Jeff and Nina Easley maintained the tradition of beignets every Christmas morning for family and friends until Jeff's passing in 2020. After losing Jeff, Nina came to the realization that life is short, joy and friendship are necessities, and beignets have a way of bringing those two things together.

Nina and Jeff's family roots run deep in the town of Earlham, and it seemed a natural fit to bring the joy of beignets to a coffee and ice cream shop right in the center of town where families and friends can gather together and be joyous.

The mission of Beans & Beignets is simply to create joy and friendships over good food, coffee and ice cream. Nina would like to welcome you...come in, grab something to eat, relax and enjoy.

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